Fishing Line Comparison


North American Fisherman Magazine
Fishermen the world over know that their choice of line is vital to the success, failure or yield of their catch. Below is a fishing line comparison of the different types that an angler could consider according to his or her needs, whether it be sea fishing, freshwater fishing, fly fishing or many other forms of the sport.

Mono-filament Fishing Line Comparison:

This is the choice of the beginner and more practiced angler. This "super polymer" mono-filament line is tougher and has more elasticity than any naturally occurring fiber. This type of fishing line will don many a tackle box due its versatility and strength. Mono-filament line is manufactured by injecting molten plastic under great pressure through a die.

Micro-filament Fishing Line Comparison:

This type of fishing line is, astonishingly, ten times stronger than steel, it is also a thin line that is ideal for both sea and fresh water fishing due to its versatility, strength and also it does not stretch which makes it easier to attach a hook and has great casting properties. Manufactured from aramid and gel-spun fibers and made up of separate strands linked using a braiding or fusing technique, microfilament line, is chosen by fishermen because it is less visible to fish making it ideal for lure fishing. All in all a microfilament line is sensibly priced and is a must for every angler's tackle box.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Comparison:

The use of this fluorocarbon, polymer line tends to yield more fish than other lines. Line manufactured with this material does not absorb water, maintain's its strength and will not stretch as compared to nylon line. Fluorocarbon line is virtually invisible when in water, it sinks more quickly than its nylon counterpart and should be in the tackle-box of the lure and carp fisherman as this line will sink faster and to greater depths.
It has to be said that there is not an "all purpose" line as such. The keen angler should have a selection of lines in their tackle to suit individual fishing types and conditions. Refer to this fishing line comparison before your next fishing expedition to ensure you have the right type of fishing line.
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