The Best Time to Fish


North American Fisherman Magazine
The question is often asked, what is the best time to fish? My usual retort is "the best time to go fishing?...anytime!". Joking apart are there really periods of the day, days of the week or months of the year when fishing can be more productive? The simple answer to this is yes and, in this article, I am going to highlight the issues that can affect your fishing in relation to the best time to go. There is an argument to be had as to the fact that high numbers of fishermen, or women, catch less fish purely down to their chosen time to fish.
One thing an angler should not take for granted is Mother Nature, yes you did read that correctly, Mother Nature! Considering her, can be as important as your choice of lure or bait. It would not cross the mind of most anglers that Mother Nature can play a large part in whether you have a great days fishing or not. The aim of this article is to enlighten you on how to evaluate the best time to go fishing.
Weather conditions and the lunar cycle are two major factors to affect your angling. Mother Nature has full control over these powerful forces and these forces have immense impact on the demeanor of the fish and the more you empathize with this the more successful you will be at catching fish. I have personal experience of this as over my 25 years of fishing I have learnt to capitalize on the weather and lunar cycle to increase my catch.
I have learned, for example, that fish become active to a greater extent when the moon is at a certain stage of its cycle. It stands to reason that if a fish is more active it is more likely to be attracted to your offering of a meal. One such phase of the moon is when it is full so make no mistake this is not the time to start howling this is a good time to go fishing, where as howling at the moon can be fun for wolves, as a human, you are less likely to be arrested by choosing to go fishing instead. By fishing during a full moon you will not only catch more fish you may curb your howling urges.
The other powerful force to affect fishing is the weather. By having a basic understanding of meteorology and weather fronts passing through your locality you will know when it is the best time to whip out your tackle and go fishing. By keeping an eye on your local forecast and the phases of the moon you will soon be able to ascertain the best times to go fishing based on this information alone.

Cast your mind back to those times when you had a great days fishing. It seemed that no matter what you did regarding bait and lure you could do no wrong and you caught fish after fish after fish. These days were so successful because you unwittingly chose the best time to fish and not because of your angling expertise. By incorporating weather and lunar cycle information into your decision as to whether you go fishing or not will increase your yield, no doubt about it.