Trout and Salmon Fishing Articles



Trout Fishing with Lures

Many do not realize that by using lures you could catch more. There are situations or conditions when fly fishing is not practical and using a lure will yield better results. (Read More)



Fishing for Rainbow Trout

Fishing for rainbow trout is actually amongst many people's most favorite of pastimes. In this article we'll talk about rainbow trout as a species and also some of the techniques employed when attempting to catch them. (Read More)



Stream Trout Locations

Here are some key tips to finding stream trout locations. If you want to have any chance at catching trout, then you will need to know where to find them. Whether you are fishing streams or lakes, you'll want these tips when fishing for trout. (Read More)



Salmon Fishing Techniques

Salmon are very territorial fish, especially during the spring mating season. They're also very elusive. It takes great finesse to catch a salmon. Getting a salmon to strike on your lure or bait can be extremely difficult. Here are some salmon fishing techniques you can use. (Read More)



Trout Fishing Tips

Trout can be a very difficult fish to get bites from. Don't get discouraged and give up fishing for these great fish. These trout fishing tips will help you catch more trout. (Read More)